Ear Problems

If your best friend has an ear infection, you might see—or in some cases smell—some of the following symptoms with regard to the affected ear:

  • Unpleasant odor
  • Hot and painful to the touch
  • Wet sound when massaged, or the inside may seem abnormally moist
  • Shaking of the head
  • Scratching
  • Scabs or inflammation


If your pet has an ear problem, At Avon Animal Hospital in surrey we are able to examine the ears with the video otoendoscope. The video otoendoscope allows the veterinarian to view the area deep within the ear canal on a computer screen. The image clarity and degree of illumination are far superior to that seen with the traditional otoscope. Our Veterinarian in langley , surrey area are known to treat ear problems for dogs and cats even in one dog owner was from langley we have taken piece of wood which was stuck deep in ear canal with help this scope . Our veterinarian or nurse can show you what you are looking in your pets ears and then you can decide to take care of that. Our Animal Hospital in langley , surrey area treated a lot of pets with ear problem and prevented them from getting ear hamaetoma.

While using a video otoendoscope, warmed saline can be used to flush out debris and exudate. Special forceps can be used to remove clumps of especially tenacious material. Good visualization allows the ear drum to be avoided and protected during the cleaning process.

Video otoendoscopy allows more efficient, thorough, and safer ear cleaning. Since ear debris can harbor or serve as a nutritional source for bacteria and yeast, cleaning increases the likelihood of resolving chronic ear problems.


Treating ear infections can be very tricky, especially if allergies are involved. Treatment will depend on the cause, nature, and severity of the ear infection. Avon animal Hospital veterinarian will recommend the best treatment for your dog’s particular situation. Treatment may include:

Antibiotic ointments, drops, sprays, or creams for the ear

Oral antibiotics

Surgery—for dogs with repeated ear infections or no response to other treatment


Here are some steps for prevention of ear infection:

  1. Keeping your dog’s ears clean can help prevent infection
  2. Avoid moisture in your dog’s ears
  3. Treat an ear problem as soon as it’s discovered
  4. Understand how and where to put medication
  5. Do follow-up checks, as recommended by veterinarian

Complete all medication prescribed, even if the ear looks better before the completion of treatment.

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