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February Pet Dental Month  

Get $100 off on complete dental package for pets

Dental for young pets starts at $175 & up call for details 


Avon Animal Hospital in Surrey Offers

Basic Vaccine For Dogs and Cats  ; Get 50% off on basic vaccine   Every Tuesday and every Sunday  So  only for $16 after discount.

DOG Vaccine / vaccination prices

DAPV (basic vaccine) cost $32.00 (every Tuesday and Sunday $16 )

Corona Vaccine (add on with basic vaccine): $10

Leptospirosis vaccine (add on with basic vaccine): $25

Bordetella Vaccine (add on with basic vaccine): $25

Lyme vaccine (add on with basic vaccine): $25

Rabies add on (with basic vaccine) :$25

CAT Vaccine /vaccination prices

FVRCP (Basic cat vaccine) cost: $32.00 ( every Tuesday and Sunday $16 )

Chlamydia (add on with basic vaccine): $10

Feline Leukemia (add on with basic vaccine):$25

Rabies add on (with basic vaccine): $25

Cat Spay & Neutering Costs

Cat Spay price: $65.00&up* (If in heat/early pregnant/ mature can be an additional cost)

Cat neuter price: $55.00&up* *Pain medications are dosed by weight usually between $13.00-18.00 and pain med is mandatory.

Dog Spay & Neutering Costs

Dog Spay price: $85&up* (If in heat/early pregnant/ mature will be an additional cost)

Dog Neuter price: $75.00 &up* Pain medications are dosed by weight usually between $18.00-28.00

Pain medication at our pet hospital is mandatory with all dog surgeries

If both testicles not descended there will be extra cost call our vet clinic for details

Prices are subject to change. Always call us to verify the details.

I/V fluid is mandatory for dog spay surgery

At our spay and neuter clinic prices are based on age, body weight and physical condition of animal. Please verify the prices before booking the appointment. Pain management, pre-anesthetic blood work, IV fluids, tattoo, microchip or any other service costs are additional to the base price.





Pet treatment and sugeries


At avon animal hospital, our veterinarians offer laser surgeries for spay ,neuter and other soft tissue surgeries which reduces blood lost, pain and discomfort in your pet.

flea control


Our veterinary clinic offer flea control treatment to pets. You can consult with our vets anytime. Now get up to 30% discount on flea control treat for your pets.

pet care


At Avon Animal Hospital, our veterinarians are curing your beloved pets since 2003, treating your pets like family. We also have pet drop off facility in Surrey and Langley region, if you have a busy day.